Code of Conduct

General Rules

  • AnimeNEXT badges must be worn at all times in plain sight and facing forward. Any attendee that loses their badge must purchase a replacement in order to gain access to all AnimeNEXT events, no exceptions. However, if you do lose your badge you may check with staff to see if someone turned it in.
  • AnimeNEXT is a family event and attendees are asked to dress accordingly. AnimeNEXT staff reserves the right to ask an attendee to change clothing if it is deemed inappropriate.
  • Apparel may not be used as signs to communicate messages such as, “Free Hugs” or “Free Kisses”. AnimeNext staff reserves the right to ask the attendee to change clothing if deemed to promote an inappropriate message.
  • All events and panels at AnimeNEXT have a limited amount of both space and seating. Seating is not guaranteed to any attendee at any time. Standing room will be allowed at convention staff and/or facilities discretion.
  • Lining up for events will not be allowed more than 15-60 minutes prior to the start of any event, at the discretion of convention staff. Convention and facility staff reserves the right to disband any existing line prior to this window at their discretion. If lines are to be started prior to the 15-60 minute window, an announcement will be made on premises.
  • For everyone’s safety, wheeled devices, excluding mobility devices, are prohibited from the convention. This includes, but is not limited to, wheelies, scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, and skateboards.
  • Universal Animation, AnimeNEXT, Garden State Exhibit Center, Double Tree Hotels, the Holiday Inn, and the Hotel Somerset are not liable for any missing belongings. If you should lose something, please contact AnimeNEXT’s Lost and Found department to assist in helping you find your missing item.
  • For all 18+ and 21+ events, IDs WILL be checked, no exceptions. Valid photo ID with birthdate, such as a passport or drivers license, should be on hand to attend any age-restricted events.
  • Acceptance of membership (purchasing of a badge) indicates that the attendee (or parent in the case of minors under the age of 18) has read the rules of conduct outlined and consents to the use of the attendee’s image or likeness in any recording, transmission, or reproduction for the purpose of promoting AnimeNEXT.
  • Bag Policy: For the safety of all our attendees, under absolutely no circumstances are bags to be left unattended at any time during the convention. Any bag left unattended may be removed from the premises at staff’s discretion. There will not be a bag check available at the convention, so be sure that any bags you bring with you into the convention are non-obstructive and can remain with you at all times. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Narcotics of any kind are strictly prohibited from the convention area.


Sign Policy

  • No signs are permitted at AnimeNEXT except for those signs that are an established part of a costume. (i.e. the sign must be part of the standard “look” of the character, such as the sign carried by Genma the Panda from Ranma 1/2)
  • Signs with offensive content are not allowed at AnimeNEXT. Please remember that this is a family event.
  • All signs must adhere to the same restrictions imposed on all props.
  • Any attendee that breaks the sign rules will be asked politely to remove the sign.

Weapons & Props

  • No live steel will be allowed at AnimeNEXT. Live steel is defined as: Swords, bayonets, and knives (regardless of whether or not they are sheathed), Star knives and shuriken, or other objects made of metal which can take an edge. This holds true regardless of whether the object is actually sharp.
  • Live steel may not be used as a structural support component for any prop that enters the convention center or any other area maintained by AnimeNEXT.
  • Do not use props in an unsafe manner. This includes but is not limited to: mock-fighting, swinging, throwing, hitting.
  • Firearms are not permitted at the convention. All gun reproductions MUST have an orange tip at the end of the muzzle. If the reproduction has a firing capacity it must be empty of all ammunition and magazines.
  • NO PROJECTILE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND will be permitted, without exception. Examples include, but are not limited to: Airsoft guns, any and all kinds, regardless of whether functional or not. A non-functional Airsoft gun with no moving parts is still an Airsoft gun. BB and other pellet guns, Crossbows, dart guns, and blowguns, Water guns and/or pistols, Stun guns and Tasers are also NOT allowed.
  • NO EXPLOSIVES or CHEMICALS of any kind including, but not limited to: smoke powder, sparklers, or fireworks of any kind.
  • No prop over six feet tall will be allowed to enter into the convention space.
  • No prop wider than three feet will be allowed to enter the convention space. For circular props, the radius of the prop must not exceed 18 inches at any endpoint of the prop.
  • Leashes of any kind may not be worn at any time on convention grounds.
  • AnimeNEXT reserves the right to deem any prop dangerous to the general public, regardless of size and ask for it to be removed from the convention space.
  • All weapons purchased from the dealer’s room must be boxed and taken immediately to a car, hotel room, or home after purchase. No exceptions. See live steel rule above.


Social Code

  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in any medium associated with AnimeNext. Harassment is simply defined as any unwanted action against any person(s) or group, for any reason, that is constantly repeated or systematic. The mediums include, but not limited to, the forums and any space that is reserved for AnimeNext for the 2014 year. Reports of harassment will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Cosplay is not consent. Cosplayers work very hard throughout the year to present their projects to their Anime loving peers, not as a waiver to allow other attendees to invade what is considered, “personal space”. Please be courteous to each other and ask for permission to take pictures or touch any attendee at AnimeNext.