Tabletop Gaming

Table-top gaming has become a staple of AnimeNEXT throughout the years. Our catalog of board games is extensive, offering timeless classics, cult favorites, and up and coming releases. Whether you are looking for a short game to play in between events or a more extensive game to pass away the time, our staff can offer suggestions and teach a game that is catered to both the player’s taste and time restraints.

On top of our board gaming library, we also host CCG’s (Collectible Card Games) and RPG’s (Role Playing Games). During the late night hours we moderate the always-growing “Are You a Werewolf?” game. We welcome back veteran players as well as encourage potential first-timers to walk in and join in on the fun.

Table-top gaming is open twenty-four hours and offers a myriad of activities, whether you need a break from the frenzy during the middle of the day or are looking for something to occupy our time in the evening. Our goal was, and always will be, to house a fun and friendly room where people can sit down, play a good game, and have fun.