AnimeNEXT Publications Department handy dandy guide to writing a good panel/workshop description:

The title of the panel/workshop appears above the description in the guide. There’s no need to write “Hi, my name is Jim, and I’ll be presenting Everything You Could Possibly Know about Gundam Wing Gundam Models”. It will already be there, so skip all that and get right to the good stuff.

Make sure you include all pertinent information about your panel/workshop. Writing “Guyyyyz omg Black Butler is SO COOL” and leaving it at that isn’t going to cut it. Try to incorporate these elements:

  1. Write in complete sentences what your panel is about and why it should interest people. Avoiding sentence fragments or random statements that don’t pertain to the subject of your panel will help build your credibility and build interest in your panel.
  2. What are you presenting? Is this a panel or a workshop? If you’re not sure about the difference, check out our description of both here. Be sure to let people know from the get-go what they will be in for when they walk into the room.
  3. Include what the objective of the panel/workshop is.  This ties in with #2. For instance, if the panel is titled Cosplay 101; what aspects of cosplay do you want to talk about? What do you want your audience to walk away with?
  4. Avoid writing in the first person. We know you are presenting, so when writing your description, instead of saying “I will be talking about”, say “This panel will discuss”. 

SPELLCHECK and DOUBLECHECK! It only takes a minute. Keep in mind that hundreds of people will be reading this. While we do proofread and edit the guide before it goes out, we can’t catch everything, and there’s nothing like a glaring typo or a misspelling of someone’s favorite character that will turn someone off from attending the panel you’ve worked so hard to put together.

If you are referencing the convention your description, keep in mind the “NEXT” in AnimeNEXT is in all caps, one word. “AnimeNEXT.” It’s just our style.

Keep in mind these descriptions make up the bulk of the guide. AnimeNEXT has and always will be about the fans. You are the face of this convention and this fandom, and what you write reflects that. Also, keep in mind a wide audience will be reading what you write – everyone from older adults to very young children. So please no profanity, lewd remarks, racist/sexist statements, or anything that a large, diverse audience might find offensive. When in doubt, leave it out.

Keep it short and sweet. You may be the next Hemingway or Suzanne Collins, but we’ve only got so much room in the guide and we hate chopping up people’s work. Keep it to four or five sentences max.

Example of an ideal panel description:

Anime Under the Radar

Most American anime fans have a shortlist of favorite titles that they know and which are popular with their friends.  But there are many more important and influential series that are worth knowing about which for some reason have never caught on in this country.  This panel will look at some of these “under the radar” titles and why knowing about them will fill out your understanding of the history of anime.

Example of an ideal workshop description:

Drawing Manga and Beyond: A Workshop  

Drawing manga doesn’t stop at tutorials and books, or schoolgirls and big eyes. Come learn about some drawing techniques that can help you improve not only your manga, but anything you decide to doodle.

HAVE FUN. Get creative with your presentation AND the description. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!