Panels & Workshops

The AnimeNEXT 2014 Panels and Workshops Policies will be posted in December 2013. The application period will be from January 2nd 2014 to March 8th 2014. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to

Panels and Workshops

What is Considered a Panel?

A number of things can be considered a panel for the purposes of AnimeNEXT applications.
* Discussion Panels: This type of event usually will feature 3 to 5 individuals to whom questions will be posed often by a moderator although audience questions may be accepted (depending on how you want to run your event). Some examples of topics include the nature of criticism, state of the industry, future of fandom, particulars about an anime, manga, genre or creator.
*Lecture/Presentation: This is the more common type of anime convention panel. In these events anywhere between 1-4 individuals will present on a topic of their choosing. This differs from a discussion panel in that questions may not necessarily be posed by the audience or host and it has the express purpose of educating the attendees. Often visual aids are used such as a slideshow or video during these events.

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is an event normally between 1 and 2 hours long, where the purpose is to teach a skill or art form in a practical setting. Often these will require extra set-up and supplies. This also includes events that have physical activity. Remember, these events, like panels should have an informative or educational mission.

What is NOT a Panel or Workshop?

*In-character Q&A Panels: This type of event often involves up to 10 panelists in costume being asked questions by the audience and the panelist will answer the question in character. These will be rejected without further question.
*Song or Dance Performances: If the event only (or the bulk of the panel) includes only people performing, it will be rejected.

Other Guidelines

AnimeNEXT is organized by Universal Animation whose mission is to educate about Japanese Culture, in particular popular culture. As such, events that do not connect or relate to these topics will be given lowest priority in the approval process. For example, if you’re applying to do a panel about the 2000s pop culture movements, make sure it focuses anime, manga, etc. Space is limited so priority must be given to our core topics


Up to 3 reimbursements will be given per panel.

1 Panel or Workshop yields a reimbursement of $20
2 Panels or Workshops yields a reimbursement of $40
3 or more panels or workshops yields a full badge reimbursement