Welcome to this web portal for the Anime Next Live Action Role Play, or LARP for short. The ANext LARP allows you to step into the shoes of your favorite anime, manga, or video game character for a weekend of role playing, combat, adventure, & intrigue.

Our event doesn’t involve whacking people with foam weapons- Our budget can’t cover the giant robots. Instead, we focus on Rock Paper Scissors and a little bit of imagination. Feel free to come by and check out our event. Each year’s story is a new, self-contained adventure, and you can participate as much or as little as you like. All the rules will be taught when you arrive. Costumes are welcome but not required- all you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to have fun!

Each year the ANext LARP participants get to explore a wondrous setting and unravel a carefully constructed plot. In previous years our players have saved kingdoms, leveled cities, awakened AIs, Sunk Atlantis, and prevented existence from unravelling. For information on this year’s plot, or if you have any questions, stop by our Facebook Group at Anime Next LARP, or feel free to contact us at