Cosplay Dating Game 2014 Information

Cosplay Dating Game 2014 Information

No pairing is off-limits!  Neither to canon, the bounds of good taste, nationality, solar system – the Dating Game is strictly loooove, baby!  Our handsome bachelors and lovely bachelorettes will be vying for each other's attention in the name of amore!  Which Lothario is going to win the heart of Bachelorette-chan?  Which of these lovely ladies will snag Mr. Right?  It could be YOU!  Only one way to find out!

For each round, we will have 3 eligible bachelor(ettes) who will answer questions posed to them.  The audience will know the identities of all participants per round, but the bachelor(ette) asking the questions will not and thus will need to determine who's on the other side of the curtain based on asking any one or all 3 contestants questions and hearing their replies.

A sample question/answer set could be as follows: 

"If you could be any animal which would you be?"

Bachelor #1 (Edward Elric): A giraffe because WHO'S CALLING WHO SHORT THEN HUH?

Bachelor #2 (Brock): A Geodude!  They're strong as anything!  Oh wait, do Pokemon count?

Bachelor #3 (Squall Leonheart): ……..a lion……..

Of course, the questions and answers will heat up in the 18+ game….


Dating Game Rules

To apply: Please read the directions, rules and fill out this form. The submission deadline is May 25.


We will be holding two sessions of the Dating Game once again this year – an all-ages and an 18+ edition. Participants for both games must be at least 18 years old, no exceptions. The All-Ages game is traditionally held Saturday late-morning or afternoon, and the 18+ game is Friday night, exact times TBD.  You can apply for both on the application, but participants will only be selected for one game or the other under normal circumstances.

If you are selected and for some reason cannot make it, and you do not notify Game Shows staff in advance of the con or ASAP during the con, you may be blacklisted from future participation in future AnimeNext official game shows!



  1. As this is an anime convention, costumes from a manga, anime or video game will be given the greatest priority. However in special cases Western pop culture characters may be included, as we know these are also popular among the fans and sometimes allow for great synergy amongst the other contestants.  Be sure to apply with a costume from one of the former categories to increase your chances of being chosen!
  2. You may enter more than one costume.
  3. Contestants must be comfortable roleplaying as their characters with one another
  4. Costumes will be selected on quality and construction, as well as popularity of the character and show. This is not first come first serve.
  5. Costumes do not have to be made by the cosplayer.
  6. All costumes must be PG-13. We will immediately discard any entries that disregard this rule.
  7. All contestants must be registered for AnimeNEXT. If you are not registered with a valid badge at con or by preregistration, you will not be able to participate.
  8. Contestants must be 18 years of age or older, even for the all-ages session.
  9. Images of your costume must be presented along with the entry form. Please include multiple angles of your costume. You will NOT be considered without all information on your entry, as well as images of YOU IN YOUR COSTUME, not just a reference picture of the character!  All costumes entered must be 100% complete in the reference images. Remember to include your real name, contact email and the series of your character when applying.  If we cannot reach you before the con, you cannot be selected!
  10. Remember that this is an event for fun, and that your character will be going on the dating game, not yourself. Please remember that this is not intended to be a "real" dating game, but something fun for both the contestants and the audience. 

Make sure to include your real name, contact email, and age. Every applicant must submit a link to a minimum of two color photos of the applicant wearing the specific costume that they intend to wear as a participant. Photos of the cosplayer not in costume or of the costume not being worn by the cosplayer are not acceptable. Other photos, of side views or significant accessories, may be included on the web page at the applicant's discretion.


If you do not have a web page with photos, you can create one; an easy way to do this is to go to, which offers a free cosplay profile service or on a site such as – even uploading to Photobucket or Imageshack is ok.  When you send in your application, be certain to check the links to make sure they work and that no login is required to access them. NO FACEBOOK PHOTO LINKS.  Very often photos uploaded to Facebook are "friends-only" and thus we cannot view them. 

If you do not have photos of your completed costume yet, wait to submit your application until you have them. Applications are NOT first come first serve, and everything received before the deadline will be equally considered (of course, don't procrastinate so much that you forget to apply in the first place!)  Being accepted into the Dating Game in one costume and checking in for the event in another costume, or with another person wearing the same costume, is grounds for immediate dismissal from the game.

I also want to be in Cosplay Chess, is that OK?

As all of the events occur on different days you are also welcome to apply for the Cosplay Chess match, and every year a handful of people do participate in both.  However, you need to fill out both application forms as there are different questions on each, and except for extreme circumstances (last minute replacements) you will be required to wear different costumes.

My friends and I all want to be in the same game.

There is a place to make a note of any friends/group members on the application form.  However because we have a limited number of contestant slots available in each game, we cannot make any promises that we can accept your entire group – doubly so if there are types of rounds you are unwilling to play in.

Is crossplay allowed?

Every year we have quite a few crossplayers in the game so feel free to apply!  When filling out the form, please indicate each character's gender, NOT, yours, as that is what we will use to determine the contestants for each game.  However, we are ALWAYS short on bachelorettes for both events and thus applying with a female character will increase your chances of being selected

Will there be a yaoi or yuri round?

Yes!  We try to have one yaoi, one yuri and one "classic" round in 18+ but the final breakdown depends on the applicant pool.  There are no yaoi/yuri rounds in the All-Ages game.

I might sleep late and/or just say “yolo” if I feel like blowing off.  Is this OK?

Negative, it is not OK.  If you think you may not be able to make it, please notify as soon as you can.  If it’s at the con, you’ll have the cell phone numbers of the Game Shows staff – please call or text if you don’t have access to email.  We will be grateful that you let us know, as will the alternate contestant/bachelor/bachelorette.  However, if you simply do not show up for the event at its roll call, Game Shows reserves the right to reject any and all applications you submit for any official (not fan-run) AnimeNEXT game show events.  Please don’t blow us off – we only want to put on a good show, and that takes people showing up.  We’ll get you coffee if that’s what it takes!  :-)