AnimeNEXT 2015 T-Shirt Contest

Attention all artists, AnimeNEXT is having another T-shirt Design Contest! This year the main prize is a Free table space in our Artist Alley area, a Free 3 day Admission for this year’s convention and a free T-shirt with your design on it.

AnimeNEXT T-shirt Design contest Rules and Regulations:

Deadline submission date: Dec 19

Mascot Design Shirt: Artist can choose to base their design off our current mascot and/or alien, However DO NOT add additional characters. Mascot can be in a different outfit then what is pictured.

(Logo, Location, Dates and Webpage will be added later by Art Director. You have the option to add them if you wish)

DO NOT change the shape of the Logo in any form. Please no stretching it to make it longer or taller.


T-shirt color: White

Artwork Size in inches: No wider than 12 inches across and no more than 14 inches tall ( Square : 12 x 12 or Rectangle, 12 x 14. reduced size 50%, ie 6×6 if need be)

300 dpi or higher resolution

IMPORTANT: Please include a clean black and white line-art version.

Colors: up to full color

No overly sexual poses, artwork is to be PG

No gratuitous violence

No Gun(s) pointed at the viewer

No obscene gestures or words


Colors: Please keep in mind that screen printing is not standard printing. T-shirts that are over colored might not come out the way you intended on a shirt. Though, this is a full color t-shirt, it does not mean to use every color in the rainbow, or to over shade objects. In the t-shirt world, try to keep the color simple.

Be creative, we want to see what you can do!


The theme for this year’s AnimeNEXT is Neo Yokai. Our characters this year are playing the part of some of our favorite Japanese legendary creatures in a futuristic world. There is no specific assignment for our characters,

Most importantly, be creative! There is a set theme but it’s a huge world to explore so have fun with it.

Deadline submission date: Dec 19

Sending files:

All designs MUST include a clean black and white line-art version. (a separate grayscale file)

All designs must be sent in high resolution. 300+ dpi

Vector artwork is preferred, but any high res will do. ie. JPG, PDF, TIFF, EPS

Files can be flattened JPGs in order to send via e-mail. However, please keep all your layered files just in case you win. We will need it.

Saving Files:

Please save your files in the following format:

Artwork file name: first letter initial _last name_an14-Ts1

example. James Smith is submitting a design. He will create the file per the rules and save his file that he will e-mail as jsmith_an14Ts1.jpg. He will also make sure to keep his NOT flattened, layered copy artwork just in case he wins.

You may submit up two different designs. if this is the case, please use a “2″ instead of a 1

(example: jsmith_an14Ts2.jpg)

e-mail artwork to:

Subject: AnimeNEXT 2015 T-shirt Contest

in your e-mail please include…

Your real name:

Your studio/artist name:

Your age:

Your e-mail:

Optional: if you are sending more than one design in the current e-mail or in a future e-mail.

If you do not receive an e-mail back from , we did not receive your artwork!

*all artwork submitted becomes the property of Universal Animation. Artwork might be altered in order to include logo and to fit t-shirt standards.


Note: Character always has green hair, though not a specific shade or style.

Security Mascot
Note: Character always has something hiding his eyes, glasses, visor, hair, etc and usually carries a sword or weapon with the word security written along it.

Note: Character should always have some sort of extraterrestrial aspect.