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The AnimeNEXT 2014 Schedule Is Now Available!

Hot off the presses!  Here is your look at the AnimeNEXT 2014 schedule.  Schedule is subject to change, please refer to the Guidebook app and the Info Desk at con for updates. AnimeNEXT 2014 Schedule

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Bill Rogers & Greg Houser Voice Actor Workshop at AnimeNEXT 2014!

Ever wonder what it takes to be a voice actor? Turn your AnimeNEXT convention weekend into a fully interactive voice actor experience. Bill Rogers, Greg Houser, Marc Swint and other special guests will be on hand for three specially designed

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春奈るな -Haruna Luna- is coming to AnimeNEXT 2014!

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Uncle Yo is Coming to AnimeNEXT 2014!

Uncle Yo has just been announced as a guest at AnimeNEXT 2014! Check out his bio and the bios for our other guests on our guest page.

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Charity Auction at AnimeNEXT 2014

Come to Main Events, Saturday at 4PM to take part in our Charity Auction hosted by industry pro Jonathan Klein. We’ll be auctioning off some wonderful pieces of anime and comic art with all the proceeds going to Child’s Play.

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Jonathan Klein is Coming to AnimeNEXT 2014!

Just announced! Jonathon Klein will be at AnimeNEXT! For his bio and more information about other guests of the convention this year, check out our guest page.

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MATENROU OPERA bassist yo to guest model for Acryl agitt at AnimeNEXT Fashion Show!

MATENROU OPERA bassist yo will be making his US debut as a model at AnimeNEXT! Formed in 2007, MATENROU OPERA is a popular visual kei band signed to the major label King Records. After over half a year since their

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